Will Legal Limit of THC Change?

One of the biggest questions facing those looking at growing hemp: Could the USDA raise the legal limit of permitted THC?


“To go from point three to one percent would have to be a statutory change in other words congress would have to take action,” said AMS Administrator, Bruce Summers. “We couldn’t do that by regulation.”


RMA Administrator, Martin Barbre, said the point three threshold comes from the 2018 Farm Bill.


“We want to make it clear, abundantly clear, hemp that contains THC above the compliance level laid out by the Farm Bill is an uninsurable cause of loss and will result in the hemp production being ineligible for production history purposes.”


FSA Administrator, Richard Fordyce, explains what that means in terms of insurance for hemp crops.


“In other words, if the THC is about that three tenths of one percent we will not pay an indemnity on that and it will not eligible for history.”



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