Perdue Proclaims This Grain Bin Safety Week

46715016 - tractor and truck beside grain silos

According to Perdue University, over the past decade grain bin entrapment has led to 370 deaths nationwide.  Because of that, Ag leaders and stakeholders are promoting Grain Bin Safety Week on farms and at commercial grain elevators.


“I signed a proclamation naming February 16th through the 22nd Grain Bin Safety Week,” Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue recently announced.  “The purpose of this week, is to promote the education and awareness of hazards and safe work practices in an effort to reduce the number of accidents associated with grain handling and storage.”


Perdue says safety practices include:

  • When entering a bin, have someone monitor from outside the bin
  • Wearing a rescue harvest and safety line system
  • Having safety ropes, lines and ladders in place inside the structure
  • And never work inside a bin while the auger is turned on


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