Haggard: Still Difficult To Tell If Coronavirus Is Impacting Red Meat Exports To China

As the battle against the coronavirus continues in China, what impact is it having on meat exports, and demand to Hong Kong and China?  Joel Haggard, with the U.S. Meat Export Federation said consumers in the region remain concerned as the number of sickened and dead continues to climb.  He said USMEF employees in China have seen runs on grocery stores, but on things like cleaning supplies and staples.


“We’re not seeing out of stock meat shelves meat seems to be available all species.  Our staff in China has been making visits to customer stakeholders increase restaurant and super market operators.  And while food service is being severely challenged because of the sharp decline in traffic, retail is doing well.  Including on-line.”


Noted while there are bottlenecks, the food supply chain appears to be functioning, but at a reduced level.  But is that because of the coronavirus on the Lunar New Year?


“Many in the meat and food supply chain have not fully returned to work, and that include port workers, so the circulation of food and meat would have been constrained regardless of the coronavirus.”


Haggard said the hope is workers return to their positions with the holidays coming to an end in China.  Then he notes, we may have a better idea what, if any impact the coronavirus is having on red meat distribution in China.



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  1. Since the Chinese bought Smithfield Meat’s, do they prepare the meats there and then ship the ham and other meats to the USA? If so, I am not buying any of thier brand of Meat’s! Please reply.to my request ASAP!
    Thank You,
    Cynthia Allen

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