Is Florida’s Orange Crop Rebounding?

Florida orange production has been very lack luster over recent years, thanks to the outbreak of citrus greening, as well as the occasional hurricane or two.  But, things may be on the way up for orange producers in the Sunshine state.


USDA is forecasting a Florida “All Orange” crop at about 3.25 tons, slightly above last season.  And for Florida’s early and mid-season naval varieties production could be, according to USDA Florida statistician, Mark Hudson,” 2% higher than last season and 63% more than two seasons ago.”


Hudson added that finally the number of orange tress is not dropping like it had been.


“But then last year actually Valencias is up 1%, and non-Valencia basically is kind of leveled out and it was just down slightly for this season.”


Husdon said to turn things around the industry and the growers have been doing a lot of of work, “in research and also they’re modifying the way they’re fertilizing and the way they monitor and scout their fields so yeah it’s showing some progress.”



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