Sunnyside Sprayer Clinic To Focus on Tree Fruit Pests

RDO will host an Orchard Sprayer Clinic in Sunnyside Wednesday.  This Spanish speaking event will allow those who need Washington credits for the upcoming season to earn them.  Erin Hightower with RDO said Wednesday’s Clinic starts at 1 p.m. with a guest speaker addressing some of the most aggressive problems found in Washington orchards.


“Fire blight is something that’s been causing more and more issues every year, and we’ll talk about managing that disease and that issue.  Little Cherry Disease will be starting at two o’clock, and Little Cherry Disease as you know, started from nothing, nobody had ever heard of it, and over the last couple of years, has been really taking off.  And we’re going to be working with Washington State University on that.”


Hightower said the last two hours of Wednesday’s event will talk about using the latest technology to report pests and pesticides use, but also how to maintain that equipment.  To learn more about Wednesday’s Clinic in Sunnyside, contact your local RDO location.



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