Newhouse: Senators Are Expressing Interest In Farm Workforce Modernization Act

Members of the Ag Community and the House of Representatives will hold a press conference Wednesday, asking the Senate to address the Ag Labor Shortage.  And one of the pieces of legislation that looks to address the Ag Labor Crisis is the bipartisan Farm Workforce Modernization Act.


Author Dan Newhouse said while there hasn’t been a lot of action the bill, thanks to the Impeachment hearings, that doesn’t mean work behind the scene hasn’t taken place.  The Central Washington Republican said he’s personally met with key member of the Senate.


“We’re trying to regain the momentum we had leaving the House, so we can get that higher on their agenda.  A lot of senators are expressing an interest taking this up and working on it.”


Newhouse is schedule to attend a Wednesday news conference put on by potato and apple growers, calling on the Senate to address the issue of Ag labor.


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