Idaho Looking To Regulate Industrial Hemp

Idaho lawmakers are looking at legislation that would regulate a hemp industry in the Gem State.  Senate Bill 1345 would lay the ground work for the Idaho State Department of Agriculture to develop a state plan for regulating industrial hemp for food fiber and more.  Reporter Riley Haun said the legislation would need to change Idaho law, which currently classifies hemp and marijuana as the same thing.


“Under current statute there’s no distinction.  Typically it’s distinguished between hemp has less than 0.3% THC, which is the psychoactive compound that makes marijuana produce a high.  And hemp doesn’t have that.”


Haun said during recent committee testimony, Buhl farmer Tim Cornie, told senators adding hemp would be relatively easy, and since there is very little specialized equipment, it would not be an expensive addition.  Cornie added hemp itself can be beneficial to the farmland itself as a soil amendment and there are a variety of byproducts, such as fiber, seeds and oil, and biomass which can be used in construction.


“And he said that adding this to Idaho’s agricultural portfolio might provide an alternative to heavy reliance on other oil seeds and it could encourage more young Idahoans to stay in the farming business.”





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