McMorris Rodgers Asks EPA To Look Into Puget Sound Pollution

On Thursday, Eastern Washington’s Cathy McMorris Rodgers asked the EPA to look into Puget Sound pollution.  McMorris Rodgers said during a Thursday hearing that it’s not the Snake River dams that are the problem when it comes to the Puget Sound orcas, but rather western Washington.  She said Governor Jay Inslee continues to ignore the fact that Seattle and King County have dumped millions of gallons of raw sewage in Puget Sound.


“There’s not fentanyl and heroin in the water.  Needles in Puget Sound.  For too long, Governor Inslee and others have turned a blind eye to the issues in their own backyard and instead pointed the finger to eastern Washington as the source of all of their problems, and how we save salmon.”


McMorris Rodgers added this comes as eastern Washington needs to defend the dams, and its way of life on a weekly basis.  She then asked EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler to look at sounds since and facts.


“We could save the Salmon, save the orcas, and save the four lower Snake River dams if we cleaned up Puget Sound.  The number one salmon for the orcas are in Puget Sound,” McMorris Rodgers said.  “So, Administrator Wheeler.  I’d like to ask, have you looked at the City of Seattle, have you looked at Puget Sound?”


“We would be happy to look into the City of Seattle and Puget Sound,” Wheeler responded.


You can watch McMorris Rodgers entire remarks below:



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