Trend Of Slight Grocery Price Increase Expected To Continue Into 2020

When it comes to the prices we pay for our groceries, Andy Herig with the Food Industry Association says this is a good time for consumers.  Last year retail food prices went up only 0.9% and USDA Economist, Gianna Short, said we can expect to see that trend continue.


“This year we can expect food prices at home to increase between 0.5%-1.5%”

And so the mid point would be about the same as last year because of the relative stability of the prices of a lot of things that go in to the food chain from the farm to the supermarket.


“We have transportation costs, we have wages for people who work along the supply chain and in grocery stores; food costs.”

And so basically, there is very low inflation.  Short says the cost of eating out will go up though this year by 2%-3%.



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