Idaho House Clears Bill Removing Sales Tax On Custom Meat Processing

Lawmakers in Idaho are looking at legislation that would remove sale tax on custom meat processing in specific cases. Reporter Riley Haun said the legislation, House Bill 496, would exempt meat processing from sale tax when the carcass is for their own personal consumption.

The nexus of the bill came from butchers, producers, hunters across the state.

“The author of the bill, Representative Linda Wright Hartgen, from Twin Falls, she said that, she’s heard concerns from ranchers, hunters that sort of thing who say that I already own this animal why am I having to pay for it to get the meat back once it’s processed.”

Currently, cutting, processing and packaging a carcass are subject to the state’s 6% sales tax. HB 496 cleared the House with only two descending votes. It’s now in the Idaho Senate, where it’s been handed to the local government and taxation committee.

Click Here to learn more about House Bill 496.

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