McKinney: Phase One Has Traction

USDA Undersecretary, Ted McKinney, said he believes the Phase One Trade Deal with China, in his words “has traction” and will last.

“It really wasn’t going to get going until the lunar New Year was over anyway that was delayed by an extra week so we’re not so far behind despite coronavirus,” McKinney recently said while speaking to the National Association of State Directors of Agriculture.

“We have yet to miss a deadline on the 10 to 15 final technical agreements that we had to finish. Our friends in China have not yet exercised the clause by asking us to delay, or modify, or slow, or accommodate.”

Now, he adds, everyone is just waiting for a green light.

“We have seven formal AG trade missions lined up in different parts of the world and China would represent, depending on how you look at it, 8 9 or 10 as we intend to have a large one; a couple small ones.”

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