UN Official: Anti Technology Stance Bad For the Future Of Ag

Kip Tom, the United States’ ambassador to the United Nations Food and Agriculture organization.

“It helped farmers with new hybrid varieties, synthetic fertilizers, crop care products and agronomics that created the green revolution to get us where we are at today, saving billions from starvation.”

However, Kip noted the international trend is in the opposite direction.

“No synthetic fertilizers, no crop inputs, no crop care products, no GMOs or gene-edited crops, plus a heavy overlay of anti-Capitalist and anti-trade ideology.”

Kip notes those stances opposed to the latest Ag technologies have a ripple effect.

“Every time our trade negotiators are told by our European counterparts that agriculture is off the table, that the EU will never accept GMO cultivation, or that our crops are banned from imports because of the small levels of pesticide residues that are most-rigorously scientifically-controlled processes in the world have determined as safe, we’re hearing echoes of the same trend.”

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