California Company Looks To Reduce Food Waste

Annually, the United States puts 52 million tons of food into land fills and leave another 10 million tons on farms for various reasons.

That’s a lot of food waste.

Timothy Childs, founder of a San Francisco company called ‘Treasure Eight’ has a mission to “power the conversion of food waste in to nutrition.”

As well as getting it out there to people who need it. But how does Childs plan to do that?

He said, in part, his company takes brand new food dehydration and freeze-drying technology developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and they develop it in to commercialization. And Childs says the technology is revolutionary.

“We’re able to freeze-dry things with 80% less time 60% less energy and 20-30% less costs but also retain more nutrition. So all that food waste that would be thrown away and wherever and freeze-dry at a lower cost.”

And his company is doing that making shelf-stable chips from a variety of fruits and veggies. Childs said the end product smells fresh, and tastes fresh, and is amazing. They have a long shelf life too and can be shipped easily anywhere any time. 

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