How Will New SNAP Training Program Work?

The USDA is out with a new proposal for SNAP Employment and Training Programs.

“We provide over $100 million each year for states to operate their ENT programs,” said USDA Deputy Undersecretary Brandon Lipps. “And if a state invests their own money, or includes outside funding from any non-federal source to expand and enhance their ENT programs, the federal government will match those funds dollar for dollar without limit.”

“By increasing minimum funding allocations to states from Employment and Training, a provision that has already gone into  effect for fiscal year 2020, increasing the use of case management services for ENT participants,” Lipps noted.

He called ‘case management’ a crucial tool to ensure that the support is customized to each person’s needs and circumstances.

“Allowing ENT funds to be used for subsided employment shifting efforts to proven strategies, like apprenticeships, and allowing states to offer job retention services.”

The proposal will be published in the federal resigster in the coming days.

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