Perdue: Food Supply In Good Shape Despite Coronavirus Fears

On Thursday, we told you that Washington state Department of Agriculture Director Derek Sandison is confident that farmers across the Evergreen state will keep the food supply chain open and operational.

What about at the national level?

“We were on a conference call [this week] with all out food suppliers and vendors, and those that help grow, process and deliver food to our customers, and it’s alive and well,” said Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue.

The Secretary noted USDA meat inspectors are on the job despite the spread of the caronavirus. He added food is being produced, processed and transported, even with all the current restrictions…and in some cases, limited personnel.

“These are the real heroes out here in the public and private sector who are getting their jobs done despite the potential of Coronavirus, and the people who are stocking our grocery shelves, delivering the food,,,they’re the real heroes.”

And on the subject of grocery shelves, Perdue says if you see empty shelves that’s a demand issue, not a supply issue. He said with the talk of quarantine, many people bought more food at one time than they normally would. Perdue added there is no shortage of food, and there is plenty of it in the pipeline.

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