USMEF: Canada Signing USMCA Good News For American Beef Producers

With the Canadian parliament’s recent approval of the USMCA, it’s only a matter of time before the updated NAFTA is on the books. The Trump Administration is hopeful to have USMCA implemented by early June.

U.S. Meat Export Federation President Dan Halstrom said this is great news for American red meat producers, and welcomed relief a year after the U.S. was charged a tariff for moving product into Canada.

“Beef exports were still over $650 million up to Canada in 2019.  We are extremely happy duty free access has been restored. And USMCA, the fact that we’re in the final stages of getting that implemented now with Canada passing it, really will help us to avoid this sort of situation in the future.”

Halstrom anticipates USMCA will be great news for American pork producers which saw some of their best sales to Canada in 2019.

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