ARC/PLC Numbers Higher Than Expected

When it comes to the recently concluded ARC and PLC signup period for 2019 crop year.

“We’re still working with producers that had appointments scheduled, and getting that work cleaned up,” said FSA Administrator Richard Fordyce.

The deadline to schedule appointments to enroll was March 16th. He when looking at the preliminary numbers.

“We are 105% signed up for ARC and PLC from our number that we expected for our enrollment.”

Meaning the ARC/PLC numbers compared to sign-up under the 2014 Farm Bill. Fordyce added the number of enrollments for ARC compared to PLC, or the amount of crop acreage enrolled in either program.

And while we’ve just wrapped up the 2019 crop year ARC/PLC acreage.

“For the upcoming crop year 2020, the enrollment deadline is June 30th,” Fordyce noted.

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