Farming Community Asked To Share Their Story On-line

Tuesday was National Ag Day. And because of the coronavirus, celebrations were a virtual affair.

“National Ag Day. These are some things that I think apply, not only to advocating, not only talking to professionals but apply to your everyday life,” said Jason Wetzler. He was in charge of the first of several webinars this week, which actually started Monday, sponsored by the Agriculture Council of America and National FFA.

In addition, Ag Day supporters are encouraging everyone to social media all this week to explain the importance of agriculture in providing food, feed, and fiber in our daily lives.

“The toothpaste contains sorbitol, the gas for your car is ethanol which is corn-derived oil, that shirt you’re wearing is cotton, that pencil you’re working with is made out of wood, and those eggs you’re eating are from chickens,” said Samantha Gerges from Texas in an on-line video. “Agriculture is the backbone of our nation.”

And the Ag industry is encouraged to continue to share their story this entire week.

If you have a story idea for the Washington Ag Network, call (509) 547-1618, or e-mail [email protected]

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