Despite COVID-19 Struggles, China Pushed Forward With Phase One Agreement, Good News For U.S. Beef

Despite months of struggling with the coronavirus, the U.S. Meat Export Federation said China has done a great job living up to its agreement in Phase One. The USMEF’s Joel Haggard said that has translated into additional U.S. beef processing plants eligible to ship a wider variety of product to China. He added the USDA Food Inspection Service recently posted new eligibility requirements, which he feels will result in larger shipments bound for China.

“All beef, and beef products, including processed beef items, from cattle of all ages will be eligible to ship to China.  And China has moved toward the adoption of international standards by establishing maximum residue levels for commonly used hormones in cattle production.  And they also recognize the ethicacy of the USA’s cattle traceability system.”

Haggard added some exporters have reported tariffs rates dropping from 42% down to 12%, which Haggard noted will make the China market more attractive in the long run.

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