WSDA: Animals Will Not Give You Coronavirus

With more and more cases of coronavirus reported across the Northwest and the nation, we’re all doing what we can to slow the spread of COVID-19. Some are teleworking, others are unfortunately not working, and we’ve all been told to keep six feet of distance between each other.

But, some fear they could contract coronavirus from their animals, whether that’s a pet or livestock.

Hector Castro with the Washington state Department of Agriculture says there is no evidence that pets or companion animals can pass coronavirus on to humans. But, he pointed out, anytime you care for animals, whether livestock or pets, it’s important to practice good hygiene.

“Wash your hands before and after, being around or handling animals or their food or supplies.  You should avoid touching your eyes nose or mouth when you’re handling animals, but those are pretty much standard public health recommendations.”

Castro said it’s important that people not believe the hype and rumor floating around on social media about animal transmitting coronavirus to humans.

“There have even been some situations in some states, where people are so concerned they’ve been turning in their pets to local animal shelters, and we certainly don’t want people doing that.  There’s simply no need for that.”

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