Expert Weighs In On What Broadband Means For Rural Community

Many in the farming community consider high-speed broadband, specifically in rural areas, a once-every-half-century milestone.
A Strategic Communications Consultant Bob Knight agrees.

“You think what the railroads did for our country when they were formed, it moved people and goods coast to coast. What did electricity mean to the blacksmith back in the 1890’s? When the interstate highway system was developed, labor forces could move back and forth. Airports did a lot of things. Now, this is all about broadband and moving data along. High-speed connectivity is our generation’s 50-year infrastructure built.”

Knight added efforts to build up high-speed broadband infrastructure in rural America , such as USDA’s “Reconnect Financing” program, are needed to assist rural locales with e-connectivity establishment and expansion.

“Fiber connectivity is expensive. USDA is doing a great job with some funds on that.”

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