Tips On Keeping The Farm Healthy During COVID-19

Many businesses are pretty much able to function with people tele-working from home but obviously for farms and related businesses, as Mike Keenan, RMA insurance expert pointed out, “our conditions are different than an office setting.”

He added there is some farm desk work that can be done from somewhere else, but a lot of farm work cannot. And so for that reason, farmers need to figure out ways to at least reduce chance of virus exposure or transmission  for those working on the farm.

So, what can producers do? Keenan had a few examples.

“One of the things that I see in some of the farms that I go to they have a boot room full of boots; on a hog farm, and you just out on the size that fits you. Maybe it’s time for every employee to have their own; and keep them sanitized every single day and the same with gloves and things like that.”

Keenan also suggested sanitizing vehicles, tractors, and tools each time someone uses them, and sending people who feel sick home for their own sake, “but also for the workplace continuity to keep our businesses up and running we’ve gotta keep everybody as healthy as possible.”

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