Washington Snowpack In Great Shape To Start April

As we prepare to start winding down the snow season, the Washington statewide snowpack is in great shape. As of April 6th, the statewide snowpack was 111% of average. Scott Pattee with NRCS noted the current snowpack numbers are some of the best reported across the state all year.

“And we had some good high elevation snow, not a lot of low elevation rain, and it really maintained what we had and boosted us in a lot of places just slightly.  It was definitely what we needed to end the season.”

When it comes to the basins across the state:

  • The Spokane is at 114% of average
  • The Upper Columbia is at 102% of average
  • The Central Columbia is at 99% of average
  • The Upper Yakima is 90% of average
  • The Lower Yakima is 112% of average
  • The Walla Walla is 128% of average
  • The Lower Snake is 116% of average
  • The Lower Columbia is 114% of average

After such as slow start to the snow season, what is the biggest take away?

“It’s never over until its over.  And we can see anything happen, and we did this year.  We had an amazing January, a reasonably good February, a really good March, and so we’re headed into the season right where we want to be.”

Pattee said at this point, he’s hopeful cool temperatures will remain in place for the foreseeable future, allowing the snowpack to stick around for as long as possible.

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