Coronavirus Not Transmitted Via Food

The coronavirus has most, if not all of us on edge these days, trying to determine what trips are essential, what safe and what is not. As you think about areas of your life that could expose you to COVID-19, the Ag industry is reminding consumers your food is not one of those locations.

Jon DeVaney, President of the Washington state Tree Fruit Association says the FDA has been very clear, coronavirus is not a foodborne illness. But, why has COVID-19 come up when talking about food supply. DeVaney pointed out that when discussing coronavirus and food, the conversation is focused more on worker safety, out in the orchard, or in the packing house.

“Fresh fruits and vegetables, apples and pears and cherries are a great way to stay healthy while being at home during this crisis, and are very safe and health options for consumers.  And it’s really an important way to support your local farms and neighbors during what are really difficult economic times for a lot of folks.”

Several meat processing plants across the U.S., including a Tyson facility near the Tri-Cities have reported high numbers of coronavirus cases in workers, but again, nothing in the food supply.

What impact has the coronavirus had on the Northwest tree fruit industry? Join us Thursday morning when we Focus on Fruit with Jon DeVaney.

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