WSU’s New Honey Bee Research Facility Will Benefit Entire Ag Community

In early March, Washington State University celebrated the grand opening of its new Honey Bee & Pollinator Research, Extension and Education Facility in Othello. WSU Honey Bee scientist Steve Sheppard said this facility will benefit their years of existing research in Pullman, and allow for research expansion, such as developing in field methods when it comes to colony health.

“To deal with Varroa Mites and to deal with viruses, and things like that, when you do that sort of research you need larger numbers of colonies.  We’ve partnered with commercial bee keepers and even sidelined and hobbyists bee keepers in some cases to have more colonies to work with.”

Sheppard adds the centralized location is beneficial because of the nearby adjacent irrigated Ag, as well as the milder winters.

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