Impact Of Technology In Agriculture Continues To Grow

The technology and equipment of precision agriculture continue to advance. As farming becomes more precise, so do the technologies found on the equipment.

What might some of this innovation look like both inside or outside?

John Deere’s Jenny Manning said at this point, large self-propelled machines like combines and sprayers have had big data capabilities built in for several years.

“It gives you that seamless flow of your agronomic and machine data, you’re collecting the field and then sending it to the cloud so you can get it through operations or app.”

And Leo Bose of Case IH said tech doesn’t just center on the production side of agriculture. He said connecting a modem to a specific machine can also provide other forms of data.

“When we look at the fleet side of it, I want to look at where is the location of the vehicle, fuel, I maybe wanna give some information to the fuel truck tender, seed, so now i can have drive to locations.  I can also  work with my local dealer and give access to have visibility to that tractor or combine and i can look at alerts so I can now troubleshoot that vehicle quicker.”

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