Meat Demand Jumps During Pandemic

Because of stay at home orders nationwide, consumers are staying home, eating at home, and that’s translated into many families purchasing more and more meat. Julie Anna Potts, North American Meat Institute President and CEO, said the demand is not a result of more people saying home and hording.

“We believe that people return to their favorite meat products, hamburger, that favorite steak, bacon, that these things people are eating and feeding their families three meals at home a day.  But it’s also emotionally comforting.  There’s a lot of family history and good feeling about food that makes you feel good.”

Potts added additional meat consumption is a good thing for a variety of reasons.

“It’s nutritious, the calorie density for the amount of protein bite per bite, people do understand that.  We have seen people turn to meat for its familiarity comfort, and emotionally gratifying center of the plate position.”

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