ODFW: Middle Fork Pack Responsible For Two Recent Depredations

Photo: ODFW

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife says two Wallowa County calves were attacked by wolves from the same pack. Investigators were called to the private property rangeland Wednesday morning, where two calves were found with injuries to their legs. ODFW said one calf had injuries to the right hind leg that occurred earlier in the morning. The second calf had injuries to the left front leg that happened two days earlier.

Investigators note the number of bites, location, size and depth are similar to other confirmed wolf attack injuries on calves. Since these calves were injured on separate days, ODFW considers these separate depredations. Both calves were taken to a local veterinary clinic for treatment. Both depredations have been attributed to the nearby Middle Fork Pack.

April has been a busy month for ODFW crews in NE Oregon. Investigators have been called out to eight possible or confirmed depredations this month.

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