USDA Asking You To Keep An Eye Out For Invasive Pets

April is invasive plant pest and disease awareness month.

“This is a time when many of the plant pest start to emerge and they’re easy to see and it’s important to highlight this time because people play a crucial role in preventing the spread of invasive pests and protecting our forests, our crops, and our landscapes,” said Samantha Simon USDA’s Executive  Director if Emergency and Domestic Programs.

“Hungry pests are 20 invasive species that are identified by USDA that are easily spread by people to the things that they move, and they threaten our economy, our food supply, our environment, and in some cases, even public health.”

Simon added that hungry pests come with a real economic costs to communities around the country.

“In the U.S. alone, we estimate that invasive insects and plant diseases cost us about $40 billion a year in damages to our trees, our plants, our crops, in addition to the eradication and control efforts.”

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