AFBF Working With Commodity Groups To Help Food Banks

The American Farm Bureau Federation is working with the Ag industry and with food banks across the nation to distribute perishable food items. AFBF specifically is helping get requests for proposals into food distributors for grants out of the additional $3 billion that Congress has recently approved to distribute perishable Ag products. AFBF economic analyst Megan Nelson said the focus on the most perishable items and getting them out to food banks.

“So, the process is going to follow kind of the same outline of commodity purchases that USDA has been doing.  And so, it’s an estimated $100 million per month, dairy products, meat products, and fresh fruits and veggies.”

The grants are available through USDA. In addition, Nelson said food bank entities also have access to section 232 accounts. Those accounts have been established for several years and provide money for food purchases.

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