Fruit Production Mixed Across Washington & Oregon

According to NASS there was a lot of variation in fruit production between Washington and Oregon last year.

Washington produced 7.22 billion pound of apples last year, up 13% year over year, with a total value of $1.96 billion, down 8% from 2018 numbers. In Oregon 148 million pounds of apples were produced last year, down 12% from 2018. The total value came in at $38.7 million, down 30% from 2018’s figures.

Washington produced 237,810 tons of sweet cherries last year, down 2% year over year. The total value came in a $394 million, down 8% from 2018. Meanwhile, Oregon saw sweet cherry production increase 5% in 2019, up to 56,630 tons; with the value increasing 6% to $75.2 million.

Washington produced 391,000 tons of grapes, a 16% drop from 2018. Grape value topped out at $308 million, a 15% year over year drop.

When it comes to pears, Oregon produced 234,110 tons in 2019, down 5% from 2018. Value for those pears came in at $109 million, down 23% from the previous year. In Washington, pear production hit 329,340 tons in 2019, down 16% from the previous year. Washington pears were valued at $145 million, down 31% from 2018.

Blueberries In Oregon, utilized production of blueberries totaled 154 million pounds in 2019, up 14% from the previous year. Value of utilized production was $134 million, down 26% from 2018. Washington utilized blueberry production was 163 million pounds in 2019, up 20% from 2018. Value of utilized production was $153 million, up 10% from the previous year.

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