What Do Consumers Need To Know About Washington Farmers During COVID-19

Like any other sector of the American economy, agriculture has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, with contracts and customer bases disappearing because of stay at home orders around the globe. However, the farming community has also faced criticism for “wasting food” whether that’s dairy producers dumping milk, or vegetable growers turning over fields.

Pam Lewison with the Washington Policy Center said many outside of farming don’t understand that in many cases there are legal roadblocks when it comes to donating raw food products to communities or foodbanks.

“I hope that consumers understand that farmers and ranchers and dairy producers in Washington state are doing the best we can to survive but also effectively feed out community.”

During this time of uncertainty, Lewison has challenged the farming community to reach out to consumers to let them know what’s taking place on the farm. She noted education is key.

“It is also an opportunity for consumers to, whether it’s apples or eggs, or meat, to meet the person who has responsibility and how that product comes to fruition.”

Lewison encourages to farmers to take to social media and to give an honest, open glimpse of what’s taking place during day-to-day operations, both the successes and challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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