Howler A Great Fit For Northwest Specialty Crops

Green field of potato crops in a row

Agbiome has rolled out a new fungicide that will benefit a variety of growers across the Inland Northwest. Howler works on both organic and conventional crops, such as beans, peas, potatoes and more.

Agbiome’s Lori Berger said Howler is a revolutionary fungicide that can be used effectively at every phase of production, from greenhouse to pre-plant through harvest and post-harvest. And she noted one of Howler’s greatest strengths is its ease of use.

“Applications of Howler can be done either as a foliar spray, it can be done through a field chemigation or drench.  So, in other words, it can be applied to the growing plant, or it can be applied to the soil, so, that gives the grower a lot of options depending upon what type of crop they have.”

She noted Howler is long-lasting, has multiple modes of action, and is OMRI listed. Click Here to learn more about Howler.

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