USDA: Winter Wheat Condition Continues To Deteriorate Nationwide

According to the latest USDA figures, winter wheat condition nationwide continue to slide lower.

“52% of the U.S. winter wheat rated good to excellent condition that is down from last week’s 55%. 16% very poor to poor, that’s up from 14%,” said USDA Meteorologist, Brad Rippey.

How does that compares to figures from last year?

“This time [in 2019] we were at 64% good to excellent, and just 8% very poor to poor.”

Meanwhile he Rippey noted winter wheat is 44% compared to the 5-year average of 50% and last year’s 38%.

“We are continuing to watch some of the states across the central and southern great pains that reported freeze injury to the crop back from the mid-April freezes,” he said, adding Kansas and Colorado are really struggling.

“Not only due to the mid-April freezes but also drought. In fact Colorado leads the nation with wheat rated very poor to poor now 38%.”

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