OFB: Let Others Know You Are #StillFarming

While much of the world has come to a standstill over the past couple of months, American farmers and ranchers have continued providing the food and fiber the U.S. and many others expect. And to let consumers know that farmers are still there, despite the pandemic and supply chain disruptions, the National Farm Bureau launched the #StillFarming campaign. Anne Marie Moss with the Oregon Farm Bureau said it starts with a simple photo of video on social media, using the hash tag #StillFarming.

“Farmers and ranchers are among the heroes of this pandemic.  They are still working hard our in the fields caring for their animals, to provide food and other Ag products for society while most of us are in lock down.”

Moss added the social media campaign not only reminds consumers that farmers are still at work despite the current struggles and challenges, but for some, this may be their first glimpse from where their food comes.

“These are families,” Moss said.  “They are hardworking people who raise the food that we eat every day.  And so, when someone uses #StillFarming and shares it on social media, they are sharing their story and the story of agriculture and what they do.”

If you are a producer, you’re asked to take a photo or two of daily chores and activities, share on your social media of choice, and use the #StillFarming. And for consumers, you are encouraged to search #StillFarming to get a better understanding how the American farmer is still working despite the coronavirus pandemic.

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