Wolf Activity Keeps ODFW Busy

Photo: ODFW

The final week of May has been a busy one for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Crews were called to a possible wolf depredation in Klamath County Saturday, May 23rd. The skeletal remains of a 650 lbs. yearling steer were found on private grass pastureland. ODFW crews are still investigating that incident.

Crews were then called out to a possible depredation in Umatilla County, in the Telephone Ridge area. On Sunday morning, a range rider found a dead 200 lbs., three month old calf on a rangeland allotment.

And then on Tuesday, ODFW was called to an attack on a six week old calf, found on private pasture land in the Clark Creek area. That calf was missing a large section of muscle, but was taken to a veterinarian for treatment. Investigators have attributed this attack to the nearby Clark Creek Pack.

So far, ODFW has confirmed 10 wolf depredations statewide, with another 10 as listed as possible depredations.

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