Vannoy: Being A Family Company Benefits Customers, Communities

Coleman Oil has nearly 100 locations across Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. In addition to their many locations, they have been a family owned the company for roughly 65 years.

And as Coleman Oil’s Chuck Vannoy points out, being a third generation company, they understand what each community across the Northwest needs, and how they can help.

“They’re big about community involvement, unlike a lot of companies that will just give you a credit card and charge you a fee, they’ve got skin in the game, they have bricks/mortars , they invest money in the communities and they have employees that live here, that work here, that have children that go to school here, that buy homes here.  So, we’re a big part of the economics of the community.”

Vannoy added being a third generation family company should not be confused with stagnant. He said they continue to grow, which benefits community in which they move.

“And when we’re acquiring by the way, this is an interesting part of it, most of the people that we’re acquiring from are second and third generation companies too. So, we’ve got an existing customer base, that’s use to this level of service, so we just continue that.”

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