Spring Wheat Planting Nearly Complete

It’s moved at a slow pace this year, but the USDA says spring wheat planting is nearly complete. According to meteorologist Brad Rippey, nationally, 91% of spring wheat is in the ground, which is off the five-year average of 96% and just slightly ahead of last years 90%. He noted that figure would have been higher if not for North Dakota, where statewide just 85% of the intended spring wheat acreage has been planted.

“Spring wheat emergence at the two-thirds mark on May 31st 67%, that is behind the five-year year average of 80% but staying just ahead of last year’s 63%,” Rippey said. “Of course, so surprise, North Dakota lagging the furthers, only 52% emerged- the 5 year average 78%, and last year 62%.”

Rippey noted the 2020 spring wheat crop looks good at this point. He said 80% is rated good to excellent,  with 2% very poor to poor nationally. Which is better than what we saw a year a ago when the crop was rated 74% good to excellent and 5% very poor to poor.

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