Newhouse: Farm Economy Remains Uncertain

When recently asked to describe the mood in the farm economy, central Washington representative Dan Newhouse used only one word:


The Sunnyside area farmer said producers are still struggling to determine what the new normal is in the COVID-19 world. He added he believes the Ag industry will come back in fairly good shape from the pandemic, but there are glaring questions that remain.

“Will those markets be there for our Ag products when we need them? As different crops ripen and are ready to be harvest are we going to have the workforce in place? Are we going to be able to move the products to the ports?  All of those kinds of things are weighing heavy on people’s minds as the growing season progresses.”

To help farmers move forward, and really the entire Northwest economy move forward, Newhouse said it’s important to reopen the local economy safely, but as quickly as possible.

“People are understanding that if we’ve got to go through the social distancing and mask wearing and those kinds of things to get there,” Newhouse added. “OK, let’s do it.  I think a lot of people are determined that they’re going to make that happen so we can get this economy rolling again.”

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