RMA Announces Changes To Dairy Revenue Protection

Recent flexibilities granted by the Risk Management Agency are not just regarding crop insurance. RMA Administrator, Martin Barbre, says his agency recently announced  modifications regarding the Dairy Revenue Protection coverage weekend sales.

“A move that will basically add more integrity to the program. Offers are available, especially when the markets end in the afternoon. Those offers are open until the market opens the next day. Over the weekends, we were seeing a lot of volatility, and we were keeping those sale open up until the market opened Monday morning throughout entire weekend. So what we did is we moved to cut those sales off at 9 a.m. Sunday morning.”

Barbre added, this change only impacts when milk producers can purchase DRP quarterly endorsements; not the timing of indemnity payments. This modification will also be incorporated in to the DRP policy for the 2022 crop year.

More information about RMA flexibilities can be found on the RMA’s Website.

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