How Can CRP Help Pollinators?

When you think Conservation Reserve Program, or CRP, what uses come to your mind. Most likely, you’ll think of highly sensitive farm lands come up, that could become grassland, or prairie, or restored wetlands.

But Randall Cass with Iowa State University said CRP land makes a great habitat for pollinators of all types including honey bees, both wild and commercially produced.

“And and under CRP they have a specific designation so folks can get contracts that are under the designation of CP42 which is specifically for establishing habitats that would be good habitats for pollinators,” Cass noted.

And other Conservation Reserve Program designations can be utilized by landowners to increase the amount of flowering plants that provide nectar, pollen, and beneficial habitat for pollinators.

“Free pollinator habitat has a variety, diversity, an abundance of different flowering plants that flower at different times throughout the year so you ensure a steady food resource.”

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