WSDA Reports A 4th Asian Giant In NW Corner Of The State

Photo: WSDA

Last week, the Washington state Department of Agriculture and the USDA confirmed a fourth Asian giant hornet was recently found in the northwest corner of the state. The queen hornet was reportedly stepped on by a Bellingham resident June 6th, roughly 20 miles from where the first two hornets were discovered in December.

The two found back in December were the first ever detected in the U.S.

The hornet has been spotted in British Columbia as well. Investigators say the hornets found in Washington originated from South Korea, while those found in Canada originated in Japan, suggesting these could be separate introductions.

The hornets are deadly to honey bees.

WSDA says they will install hundreds of traps in Whatcom County, starting in July, in hopes of learning whether the hornets are becoming established and a threat to pollinators.

At this point the Asian giant hornet has not been found outside of Whatcom County.

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