For Results, Livestock Marketing Needs To Be Year Round

While bull sale season wraps up across the country, marketing efforts remain through the year. Cattle producers who work year-round to set their animals up for success, through nutrition management, for example, strive for the best possible outcome. Experts says the same is true when it comes to marketing.

Mark Johnson, is a Hereford breeder and livestock marketing agent. He said when looking at marketing, the first step is knowing your operation and what sets it apart.

“One thing is trying really to define who you are as an operation. What are your strengths, and once you identify that, how to tell people about it.”

Each operation Johnson noted, runs differently, and finding and employing the best marketing strategies can change the way an operation performs in a very competitive industry.

“There is never one-size fits all in my opinion, and there are so many different segments within the Hereford industry on how you can market cattle,” said Jason Barber is with Superior Livestock. “Some people can sell horned and polled bulls for a lot of money and volume. Some people have just a handful of cows they need to market some calves or some show heifers. Just try to offer a marketing product that might fit their business model and help them on sale day.”

Building relationships, providing top-quality customer service and keeping the genetic program top-of-mind should all be year-round goals for today’s seedstock producer, along with seeking marketing support.

“Consistent effort yields consistent results, in my opinion,” Barber added. “There’s all kinds of ways to promote sales and there’s a lot of people that are professionals in this industry that dedicated their lives and their professionalism to help other people be successful.”

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