Think About Invasive Species When Planning Outdoor Activity

Belle Bergner, is with the North American Invasive Species Management Association. She said this year’s ‘Play Clean Go’ campaign, the second ever, is building off its efforts last year.

“We touched at least 300,000 individuals through our message and through our partners helping us to spread the message and through social media we had a big contest on Facebook which we’re gonna do again this year.”

And how can you find them?

“On Facebook our account is just simply ‘Play Clean Go,’ so it’s just search for ‘Play Clean Go,’ and you’ll find us and join our growing community of over 14,000 followers. Twitter and Instagram as well same handle.”

You can also visit the organization’s Website, to learn more. Bergner called it a one stop shop of advice for people engaging in all kinds of outdoor activities.

“And you can go back to and kind of remind yourself what do you need to do before you go out what kinds of things you need to look for and just simply take 30 seconds and check your gear and clean it off before you head out,” she added.

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