Newhouse Supports Taking A New Look At Farm To Food Bank Route

Last week, Georgia senator Kelly Loffler introduction legislation that would create a new office at the USDA to connect food banks with Farmers. The proposal would create a Domestic Ag Supply Chain Administrators to act as a liaison between food banks, grocers and nonprofit food distributors with farmers. The hope is to remove the confusion and problems that developed after supply chains crashed, and farmers struggled with regulations preventing them from donating fresh products to local food banks.

Central Washington’s Dan Newhouse said while he’s not specifically familiar with Loffler’s legislation, he welcomes any proposal making it easier for farmers to donate to those in need.

“I think people around the country would welcome a lessening or a reduction of the red tape that’s inherent in the process so we can be quicker to respond and make it smoother, easier for people to be able to garner the necessary food products from producers to get them directly to the food banks where they are needed.”

Newhouse said following the problems of the coronavirus pandemic, Congress needs to take a fresh look at how to make the current systems as flexible and nimble as possible.

Newhouse added emergency food distribution was a priority during his time as the Director of the Washington state Department of Agriculture.

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