Does CFAP Funds Disqualify Producers From Other Assistance Programs?

f you have questions about payments and procedures when it comes to the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program, you’re not alone.

“A question that we’ve gotten from several producers is ‘will this be withheld if I owe USDA money for a loan if I’m behind or delinquent on a loan payment will this CFAP Payment go towards that debt?'” said the USDA’s Latrice Hill. “Payments will not be sued to satisfy any USDA debt. It will not be offset by treasury. So you are eligible to apply for this, you will get the funds. This is not a loan program the payment does not have to be repaid.”

Hill added that producers will not be disqualified if they also participate in Small Business Administration programs.

“This does not conclude you from participating in CFAP so you wanna make sure producers know that, yes, you can participate in both the SBA programs as well as USDA’s CFAP.”

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