Department of Justice Looking Into Antitrust Violations In Meatpacking Industry

The Justice Department is formally demanding information from the four biggest meatpackers in the United States, over potential antitrust violations. According to Bloomberg, the DOJ’s antitrust division sent civil investigative demands, which are akin to subpoenas, to the companies…and is talking with state attorneys general about the probe after growing calls for an in-depth investigation.

Currently, Tyson Foods, JBS, Cargill and National Beef control more than 80% of beef processing in the U.S. Their dominance has sparked longstanding concerns about their pricing power over livestock suppliers.

Last week’s subpoenas follow criminal charges Wednesday against four current and former executives of chicken processing companies. While the meat processing industry has been under intense scrutiny since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, accusations of antitrust behavior started in earnest last summer.

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