Pasture Land Continues To Dry Out

According to the USDA, Pasture and Rangeland continue to decline nationwide. Meteorologist, Brad Rippey, said they’ve reported the lowest pasture and rangeland conditions nationally since the 2012 drought. With 36% of the nation’s pastures and rangelands in good to excellent condition, a 5 point week over week drop. Meanwhile, 30% of pastures and rangelands are in very poor to poor condition, a 2% increased.

“We do see a number of pastures and rangelands they’re in pretty good shame primarily across the northern half of the country and throughout the east primarily from the Mississippi Valley eastward.”

However, the southwest quadrant of the country, along with parts of the Northeast, report very poor to poor pasture and rangeland conditions.

“Pretty much following where the topsoil moisture is short. Nationally we’re seeing New Mexico leading: 58% very poor to poor pastures and rangelands, followed by California at 55%, and Oregon at 54%.”

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