USDA: Food Boxes Continue To Help Farmers & Families

USDA’s Farmers to Families Food Box Program started in May, indented to help not only hungry Americans, but the farm community devastated by the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We have contracted with about 200 suppliers to provide food boxes to 501c3 and governmental organizations in different styles of distribution events, but mostly trunk-to-trunk style distribution events,” said David Cottrell, Agricultural Marketing Service’s Commodity Procurement Program.

“The food is 100% domestic product that’s all we purchase here at commodity procurement program,” he continued. “This food was probably destined to go to restaurants or maybe cruise lines or stadium events things where they just don’t have the people coming out to anymore because of the pandemic.”

The food boxes are being distributed all over the country.

“As of July 15th, we have 39.7 million food boxes invoiced. And that’s on the front page of the AMS website.”

To learn more, check out the AMS Website.

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