Report: 27 Countries Headed for COVID-19 Food Crisis

A new analysis identifies 27 countries that are on the frontline of impending COVID-19-driven food crises, as the pandemic’s effects aggravate pre-existing drivers of hunger. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization and World Food Program report that no world region is immune. The joint analysis by FAO and WFP warns these “hotspot countries” are at high risk of, and in some cases are already seeing, significant food security deteriorations in the coming months, including rising numbers of people pushed into hunger. These countries were already grappling with high levels of food insecurity and hunger even before COVID-19, due to pre-existing shocks and stressors such as economic crises, instability and insecurity, climate extremes, and plant pests and animal diseases. The report says the pandemic may contribute to political instability as well as fueling conflict.

In a bid to counter these trends, FAO released a revised appeal for $428.5 million under the UN system’s Global Humanitarian Response Plan for COVID-19. The funds address the mounting needs in the food and agriculture sector.

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